“Food is geography and the geography you live in designs your eating habits”

The Teaching Kitchen: Cook’s Lunch

This half-day program provides an overview of seasonal cooking and local specialties from the Northern Aegean. Eating with the seasons is the best way to really appreciate nature’s bounty, while supporting local farmers, foragers, and food artisans. Here on the Northern Aegean coast of Turkey, typical dishes often include ingredients like wild foraged herbs and greens, extra virgin olive oil, fresh cheeses, and thick tangy yogurt. Vegetables, grains, and fermented pantry items are highlighted with the addition of fresh seafood, meat, or legumes.

In the teaching kitchen at Cooks Grove, guests will join Chef Şemsa Denizsel in the teaching kitchen at Cooks Grove to begin cooking. They will move to the terrace or fireside depending on the season, to enjoy the lunch created together. For those who are interested in visiting the olive grove and learning about traditional cuisine, a morning in the kitchen is the perfect way to enjoy it!

Scheduled Dates: on going, Monday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday (local market days)

Most of our hands-on teaching kitchen workshops at Cooks Grove will be limited to small groups up to 12 guests.

A group consisting of minimum 6 participants is required

Duration: 5 hours


We will go to the local farmers market in the early morning to shop for ingredients.
At the arrival at Cooks Grove, tea and coffee will be served before we head into the kitchen for a hands-on cooking lesson.

Around the counter, guests will cook together with Chef Şemsa Denizsel. She will explain the importance of eating seasonally and teach guests all about the traditional recipes of the Northern Aegean area.

We will enjoy a late lunch together with a menu in sync with the season.

  • For confirmation full payment for the whole group is required.
  • For cancellation 30 days prior to arrival date full reimbursement will be made. As for any later cancellations we are sorry to inform no reimbursements will be made.
  • All participants should be +16 of age.