Nationally-known for her long-time career as the Chef/Restaurateur of Kantin, a highly celebrated restaurant in Istanbul, Chef Şemsa Denizsel is now holding special workshops at her teaching kitchen, hosting events and creating unique experiences at Cooks Grove.

For over twenty years, Chef Şemsa Denizsel has cultivated a reputation for seasonal, fresh, farm-to-table cuisine paired with generous hospitality. She has created a place for food lovers to learn with all of their senses while enjoying the surroundings of her peaceful olive grove oasis overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Her culinary perspective emphasizes simplicity and sustainability, with unshakeable roots in Istanbul and Aegean traditions.

With the launch of Cooks Grove, Şemsa is curating new culinary experiences outside of a traditional restaurant environment with the aime to bring people together to “break bread” and relax in the beauty and serenity of the Northern Aegean coast of Turkey.