At Cooks Grove and in the Northern Aegean the year evolves around olive trees, olive harvest and olive oil. Our year begins and ends with the harvest mid-fall.

This year to celebrate the Northern Aegean and its precious olive oil we are organizing a series of events at Cooks Grove. Each event will be hosting a group of chefs, wine and olive oil experts, culinary professionals.

For over twenty years, Chef Semsa Denizsel has cultivated a reputation for seasonal, fresh, farm-to-table cuisine paired with generous hospitality. Now her friends will join her at Cooks Grove for these events.

Menus will always be specially crafted, based on seasonality and the availability of local ingredients.

So, now we ask you to come along and be a part of our journey through the year and celebrate the Northern Aegean’s natural bounty.

Yemek ve Sinema Kültürü 25-27 Şubat 2022


Eski Yıla Veda Yeni Yıla Merhaba!
11-12 Aralık 2021

An Early Welcome to a New Year
11- 12 December 2021


Şemsa'nın Hasat Kutlaması
30 Ekim 2021

Şemsa’s Celebration of Olive Harvest 30 October 2021