Cooks Grove is a teaching kitchen and private experience in the olive groves of Turkey’s Northern Aegean coast created by Chef Semsa Denizsel.

In Turkey, our regional food traditions are immensely varied due to the large size of the country. The local cooking techniques and high-quality artisanal ingredients including yogurt, fresh cheeses, bulghur, fermented vegetables, fragrant spices, foraged wild greens and exceptional olive oil highlight the diversity our land. All menus at Cooks Grove are driven by seasonality and the availability of ingredients.

Semsa will curate a series of new culinary experiences to bring people together to “break bread” and relax in the beauty and serenity of the Northern Aegean coast of Turkey, near the town of Ayvalik.

Discover the local cuisine and lifestyle of the Northern Aegean with a Teaching Kitchen workshop, class, or a custom created experience.